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Coral Shell


Coral Shell introduced a whole new concept in luxury and very exclusive private residence in the Caribbean. Its prime sea-front position affords a truly spectacular view from each of its exquisite contemporary condominiums. Residents enjoy a breathtaking view of Paardenbaai (Horse Bay) with its unique aquamarine color, or the option of overlooking Boy Ecury Park with its artfully landscaped lawns and public gardens, as well as the beautiful view of inland Aruba. 2-bedroom/2-bath ; 2-bedroom/4-bathroom and 4-bedroom/4-bathroom condos also available.

Property Details:

  • Status: For Sale
  • Starting price (USD): $468,500
  • Starting price (AWG): 259,925


  • Marble floors
  • Double glass windows
  • Kitchens fully equipped
  • Modern, custom-designed closets and bathrooms
  • Private laundry
  • Under roof private parking
  • Fully air conditioned