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Alto Vista Estate


Welcome to Alto Vista Estates!

Alto Vista Estates offers prime property land in a sought-after area with available lots as follows:

Lot 1: 617m2
Lot 2: 606m2
Lot 4: 996m2
Lot 5: 572m2
Lot 8: 447m2
Lot 9: 585m2
The proposed houses prioritize owner privacy and offer the potential for additional rooftop spaces suitable for both short-term and long-term rentals. A scenic walking/jogging path surrounds the property, accentuating the natural beauty, including a serene pond for tranquility. Buyers can personalize designs within guidelines for a tailored living experience.

This opportunity caters to personal residence seekers and astute investors looking to maximize the property’s potential. Alto Vista Estates embodies a harmonious blend of serenity, exclusive living, and investment possibilities, appealing to those seeking a distinctive lifestyle in Aruba’s heart.

Property Details: